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Recruiting Services in Knoxville, TN

BGT Recruiting & Consulting’s unique approach to recruiting and professional placement truly sets us apart from traditional recruiting firms in Knoxville and the East Tennessee region. Our contingency-based recruiting process, focused mainly on connecting highly-qualified Knoxville candidates through referrals from other professionals, means we can connect talented individuals with organizations that would likely not find each other otherwise.


BGT Recruiting services focuses our contingency-based recruiting efforts on corporate-level professionals in the Knoxville and East Tennessee region. These areas include, but are not limited to:

Human Resources

Supply Chain



BGT Recruiting & Consulting’s focus is to help you find talented professionals you cannot reach through traditional methods. Our recruiting team goes beyond the internet job boards staffing companies use to locate candidates who may or may not be actively seeking a new career opportunity.

Our recruiting company has an extensive network of professionals in the Knoxville and East Tennessee region to tap into to ensure your candidate pool is strong and you are not overlooking talent that might be the right match for your organization. With over 45 years of combined experience in human resources, recruiting, and staffing, coupled with over 25 years of combined experience in the accounting field, we’re confident we can help you!

Our transparent process takes the mystery out of recruiting. Our approach is simple: we take the time to truly understand your recruiting needs and your organization’s culture so we can identify the best possible candidates to bring to you. We manage the entire recruiting process – from setting up the initial interviews to coordinating the candidate’s start date. We are contingency-based; therefore, you are not charged a placement fee unless you choose to hire a candidate we have brought you. Contact our Knoxville recruiting company today!

In addition to our contingency-based recruiting, we also offer consulting services to assist our clients with various aspects of their hiring process. For more information, please visit our consulting page. If you are interested in temp-to-hire placement, don’t hesitate to contact our BGT Staffing team.


Ready to take the next step in your career? We can help! Contact us today and find the career of your dreams. Our recruiting agency has the knowledge and industry expertise to assist Knoxville job seekers in the East Tennessee region to move forward in their job search confidently and easily.

BGT Recruiting & Consulting focuses on working with talented professionals in various industries in the greater Knoxville and East Tennessee region. Our recruiting company provides various recruiting services, including direct placement, temp-to-hire, and contract placements. Furthermore, our focus on confidentiality allows our candidates to explore opportunities of potential interest without jeopardizing their current positions. We pride ourselves on giving Knoxville job-seekers a different recruiting agency experience.

Should a candidate find themselves in between positions or relocating to the Knoxville or East Tennessee area, BGT Recruiting & Consulting’s firm can help by connecting candidates with opportunities that are often not advertised or proactively connecting candidates with organizations that could be a good cultural match. Contact us today or send us your resume to get started! Our recruiting and consulting team is here to help you find the best fit with tailored advice and recruiting services. To confidentially submit a resume to our team, please do so here.